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We build solutions that allow organizations to detect, investigate and respond to network attacks more efficiently. Organizations no longer have to live with high investment / use costs. Meanwhile they miss dispersed attacks and unknown threats, or investigate and fix too manually. With Skynet security monitoring solution, analysts can collect unlimited log data, use AI behavioral analysis and machine learning to detect attacks and automate response. try, both on the spot or in the cloud.
A network security company built by white hat hackers and seasoned experts from Splunk, ArcSight and Fireeye, IRIS Security is based in Vietnam and Singapore.

DDOS Testing Service to Detect and Mitigate to Abnormal DDOS Traffic

Can your Defense-Lines Stand a DDoS Attack? Can you estimate how long will it take from the moment an attack is launched till you are able to detect it and begin resolving it? Strategy and planning are critical. Yet, to really ensure your mitigation provides the right protection, you must test it under a realistic DDoS attack. Hence, our DDoS Testing platform is the answer.
IRIS DDoS Testing service Enhances your DDoS readiness by simulating attacks in a secured, controlled manner. Using proprietary cloud technology, our DDoS test simulation specialists generate multi-vector DDoS attacks and try to breach your defense systems.
With our DDoS Penetration Testing service, you can: Realistically asses your DDoS protection readiness, prior to a real attack Identify weakness points and improve your protection level Increase your confidence level for the day of a real attack Drill your engineering teams and managers"

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