Who we are

IRIS Security addresses a wide range of cyberattack scenarios encountered by law enforcement and internal corporate security investigators.
IRIS Security is widely used in network monitoring and Incident Response. The suite is also equipped with diagnostic and evidence-gathering tools to investigate an organization’s policy compliance.
IRIS Security effectively detects anomalous behavior in real time, enabling experts and organization leaders to make quick decisions on anomalous alerts. In addition, the ability to store and index, and search extremely fast and efficiently make numerical investigation easier. IRIS Security combines speed and accuracy, is easy to use, and is available at an affordable price.
Launched in 2019, IRIS Security has a team of senior experts in cybersecurity, cyber intelligence and programming. We always accompany corporate organizations and government organizations in the fight against cybercrime.

What We Value

To us, values are the first principals of a company.

The IRIS Team

We are seasoned cybersecurity executives, technologists and investors with a mission to
deliver globally standard products and services to everyone.

At IRIS we are excited to have people joining our team. We are constantly looking for individuals who are enthusiast in what they do, be it programming, hacking, writing report, or developing exploit. Please check out our current open positions below.


IRIS employees receive benefits that offer a better quality of life, both on and off the job.