Product / IRIS DDOS Scrubber


Needs for proactive protection against organized and advanced DDoS attacks

Ensure service continuity by defending various DDoS attacks
Implement forecast and alert system by analyzing attacks and traffics in real time

Detect and block DDoS attacks based on multi-layer, multi-stage anti-DDoS engine linked with our unique clustering and load distribution technologies

Key Features

All standard IRIS DDOS Scrubber features and additionally

How it works

IRIS DDoS Scrubber supports intelligent analysis across multiple protocol layers and different types of DDoS attacks

  • Actively check session status for multiple protocols including TCP and DNS (domain name resolution)
  • Support flexible administration of white list and black list
  • Supports deep analysis of DNS attack patterns
  • Supports all policies (policy) according to all data fields of UDP/TCP/ICMP
  • protocol, serving deep configuration and resisting new types of DDoS attacks
  • Supports keyword filtering for all types of protocols and filtering by Web access fields
  • Automatic detection of attack frequency anomalies based on machine learning
  • Allows setting frequency caps based on: source IP address, destination IP address and protocol

Artificial intelligence technology

allows IRIS DDoS Scrubber to detect 99.9% of new DDoS attack types without the administrator setting parameters for the system

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