Product / IRIS Quantum IPS


Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Solution for Proactive Threat Detection and Leakage Prevention of Internal IT Resources
Needs for Proactive Response to the Latest Security Threats
More diverse and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks are causing greater damage. First generation IPS is now vulnerable to new cyber attacks
The demand for proactive intrusion prevention functionality in security systems is rising. Provide a wide range of defense mechanisms against advanced attacks such as precautionary assessment, threat detection, attack blocking, and leakage prevention beyond conventional signature-based IDS/IPS.

Key Features

How it works

Real-time contextual awareness

Finds and correlates large amounts of event data relevant to the IT environment Applications, users, devices, operating systems, vulnerabilities, services, processes, behaviors micro-networks, files, and threats

Advanced threat protection

Protecting the latest threats, IRIS Quantum NextGen IPS delivers best-in-class threat prevention with independent third-party data and thousands of customers worldwide world

Intelligent Security Automation

Automating Event Impact Assessment, IPS policy tuning, policy management, network behavior analysis, and user identification significantly reduces total investment costs and enhance the ability to keep up with the changing network environment.

Unlimited performance and scalability

Purpose-built devices combine low-latency, one-time design for unmatched performance and scalability

Application Control and URL Filtering

Reduce attack area through optional granular control of over 1200 apps and 100 million URLs in over 80 categories

Flexible update feature

for different network environments (even non-Internet environments).



Sensor Hardware Components




Aggregate Performance 20 Gbps 10 Gbps 5 Gbps
Maximum Throughput (UDP 1512-byte packets) Up to 70 Gbps Up to 35 Gbps Up to 30 Gbps
Maximum Concurrent Connections 32,000,000 16,000,000 13,000,000
Connections per Second 1,000,000 575 450
HTTP Connections per Second 750 375 260
Throughput with SSL Decryption (based on 10% SSL traffic) 40 Gbps 20 Gbps 10 Gbps
Maximum SSL Flow Count 3,200,000 1,600,000 1,200,000
SSL Keys Imported 1.024 1.024 1.024
Typical Latency Less than 100 µs Less than 100 µs Less than 100 µs
Number of Virtual IPS Systems 1 1 1
ACL Rules 20 20 20
Fixed Gigabit Ethernet—Copper Ports (internal fail-open) 16 8 8
Fixed 10 GigE/1 GigE (SFP+) Ports
Fixed 40 Gigabit Ethernet 2 2
Network I/O Slots 4 2 2

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