What Is SOC-as-a-Service?

The SOC is provided as a service by an outside company that will securely manage your entire IT infrastructure. From monitoring the operation of devices (servers, workstations, network devices, security devices, smart air conditioners, smart cameras…) to managing your Cloud services. Not only this, they will also work with your IT staff to understand your company’s operating processes and establish policies to deal with any potential future cybersecurity threats. .
This can benefit any organization, as IRIS is made up of professional security engineers and analysts with extensive experience in managing and operating a wide range of products and services. security services. This means you have the protection of professionals with extensive knowledge of systems care worldwide.
A SOC-as-a-Service is an SOC run by IRIS as a managed service provider (versus an internal SOC set up and managed by the company). IRIS provides the cybersecurity expertise, technology and infrastructure, 24x7x365 coverage, and training needed to protect customers’ organizations. These services are offered to customers as a fixed price model.
Ideal for companies with limited resources, IRIS’ SOC-as-a-Service acts as an extension of your security team and takes over the full range of skilled technology, processes and resources. investment, maintenance, and infrastructure needed to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

Why our SOC-as-a-Service is Different

IRIS Skynet SOCaaS (SOC-as-a-Service) is built on the very powerful and flexible IRIS Skynet Intelligence Platform. Provides centralized alert visibility with critical tools our cybersecurity experts developed to effectively monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7/365 for threats threats, vulnerabilities and patches. If a threat emerges, our analysts will conduct investigations and triage to determine the threat level and alert you, guiding you to each situation specific with a set of procedures. prior agreement. Of course, with emergency events, you may have to wake up in the middle of the night to hear our call.
Technology is only one part of implementing cybersecurity monitoring. With a professional process in 4 levels, level 1 to level 4, we provide detailed and transparent assessments, helping customers see the overall picture of the event and make informed decisions. quick determination.
With tens of millions or even billions of security events going in and out of your infrastructure, it can be difficult to just consider the alert as good or bad. An automatic monitoring system with enough information and AI analysis capabilities will correlate the data to screen, evaluate and give the most accurate and early warning. Minimize false alarms to supervisors.
In short, we give you a service that you need and don’t have.

Expert skills

IRIS’ team of SOC experts is gathered from leading experts in cybersecurity with very high combat ability. The ability to evaluate, program, analyze and crash regular security events helps us to provide practical knowledge and experience to customers in operation.

Focus on expert development

We always encourage and invest in experts to attend training courses in the fields of cybersecurity. The diversity in knowledge and experience helps them to be proactive and flexible in the operation of SOCs.

Store, index, search events

The system allows filtering, analysis, evaluation, storage and tools to find events in real time. You can instantly count the attackers who have accessed your system within the last few years in just a few seconds.

Industry certification

IRIS SOCs have ISO 27001:2013 certifications.
Our SOC team members have certifications such as CISSP, CompTIA Security Plus, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), NIST, Cisco, Palo Alto, and SANS.

How IRIS Skynet SOC-as-a-Service Works

  1. IRIS Skynet SOC team monitors your systems for threats, vulnerabilities, and patches.
  2. If a threat or vulnerability is identified, our analysts will investigate and triage to determine the threat level. We’ll only call you in the middle of the night if urgent action is required!
  3. We provide detailed reviews of triggered events across your entire attack surface to identify suspicious activity, make security observations, highlight policy violations and suggest improvements. We advise on security threats with in-depth knowledge about your environment, instead of treating each alert in isolation as good or bad.


Using highly automated security and testing tools, combined with the zerodaylab system to optimize the ability to find security holes

Security Assessment

Ability to evaluate security configurations according to the world’s leading standards for Cyber Security.

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SOC-as-a-Service Resources

Why your business needs SOC as a service

The digital age requires organizations to monitor their entire IT infrastructure and address all alarms. For many organizations, including small and medium-sized organizations, the most effective way to do that is to use SOC-as-a-Service.

Why Managed Security Monitoring and SIEM Make Sense

In today’s globalized, digital economy, it’s essential to monitor and guard your company’s data 24x7x365 against increasingly advanced cyber threats.

What is SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)?

SOC-as-a-service that provides real-time monitoring, detection, and analysis of cybersecurity threats. This service goes beyond proactively possessing advanced targeted attacks that are not detected by your existing perimeter controls.


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